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The Vibe

A casual, come-as-you-are atmosphere. Our smaller size makes for a more intimate, more engaging message. We're one "big" family and we're here to welcome you with open arms.  


Arrival Time

We start at 10:00 am, but feel free to come a little early and enjoy a cup of coffee and great conversation before church starts. 


Fresh Coffee

There's nothing like the taste of fresh coffee Sunday morning to invigorate your mind and soul. We proudly serve coffee from I Have a Bean, a coffee roaster with a great cause.


Teaching Style

We're a tribe, led by our "chief" as we navigate subjects that are relevant to your life right now in a way that will help you grow and succeed in a small group atmosphere.



We offer handicap parking and special visitor spots, just for you, the closest to the church. Feel free to park with the rest of us in the back of the church.



True North

Community Church

3200 W. Willow Street

Lansing, MI 48917  


Worship Style

"When words fail, music speaks." Our worship service is a mixture of traditional and modern, full of passion for the Lord. 



Questions, comments, concerns? We're here to help. Call us at 517-323-1832 or send us an email anytime.


True North Community Church is a tribe that accepts you and where you are in your journey in life. We are everyday people from all walks of life who have a common interest in discovering who Christ is. We are genuine in seeking this journey together in discovering the awe and wonder of God, and at the same time expressing our worship in a manner God has created us for. We do this in all kinds of different styles that are contemporary and honoring to God and each other. Respect and courtesy are a huge part of living this out together as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

If you get your vertical relationship right with God (True North), then the horizontal will be better with your family, friends, and life in general. It may not be perfect, but better.


We do our best to instruct people to:
1. Love God
2. Love Yourself (how God has made you and your gifts/talents) and... 
3. Love others.

Only God can change us from the inside out, and it takes time and people who are willing to share in the experience with one another accomplish such a goal. 

Laminin is the glue of our souls, and God is the maker and healer of all that makes us human. Come and discover His love for each of us individually and corporately as the bride of Christ. We seek to live out His mission.


We challenge you to investigate for yourself what True North Community Church is all about.  


Gary Schnepp

Lead Pastor

A man among many, a leader of leaders, one who develops individuals to become everything God intended for them to be. Gary is middle child of three boys to Paul and Gladys Schnepp of Flint, Michigan.

Gary has been involved in student ministries for over 30 years. He was an Area Director of the mid-region of North America overseeing five states, District Youth President of the West Michigan District for over seven years, and a college resident dean of men for 3 years.


Gary is energetic, creative, and passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ. You won’t be around him long and you will experience love and acceptance like crazy. He is non-judgmental and has a hope for the fullest of everyone he meets.


Gary takes shepherding very seriously and is a guard of the souls he oversees. As a husband of his soulmate Rebecca for 47 years, father of three grown children, and grandpa of seven grandchildren, he does life to its fullest!  

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